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*** FREE for Tar Heel Drug prescription patients. ***

Medicine On Time ServiceMedicine-on-time is your personal prescription packaging system that is “simple, convenient, and worry free.”  Each package is prepared by our staff and contains all of your daily medications.  Each package is labeled to include what medications you are taking, and what time you are supposed to be taking them.  Also, each package is color coded according to what time of the day the medications are to be taken.

Medicine-on-TimeAll Medicine-On-Time Packaging is done on a schedule.  Our pharmacists and staff will synchronize your refills so that you get all of your medications at the same time.  This will prevent you from running out of your medications and also from making excessive trips to the drug store.

This service is of no cost to you to prescription patients of Tar Heel Drug.  For patients who use mail order or other pharmacies to fill their medications, there is a $1.00 packaging fee per prescription to be packaged in Medicine-On-Time.

Contact us today at 336-227-2093 or email us to get more information or to set up an appointment with our staff to become enrolled in our Medicine-On-Time program.